Groupon In-House Studio

Photo Art Direction that elevates the user experience with visual cohesion and narratives that speak to customers.

Continuous advancement in direction to provide premium in-house marketing, product, and stock photography with a fresh, authentic representation of the goods and services available from Groupon merchants.



Product Marketing

Brand focused photography featured across merchandising campaigns, guide articles and deal galleries with cohesion and clarity.


Product Lifestyle + Libraries 

A Proactive Direction Strategy

Integrate marketing and stock art direction to deliver ad-hoc projects while building a Goods lifestyle library housing content for future use by Design, and Editorial teams.


In-House Stock Photography

High-end narrative imagery designed to rival third party supplies with the ability to produce and pivot with business strategy while maintaining aesthetic brand identity.

Yield high volume output to an internal database of options for merchant offerings, and supplementary marketing assets.



health & wellness


Food & Drink

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